I recently saw some negative reviews about RCP and I have to tell you I was motivated by the bad reviews to write them a good review and mainly because our experience was the complete opposite. Right Choice Pools & Spas did such a great job on our pool, it looks great, we love it and we get a lot of compliments. Besides the pool being so nice, what I found so amazing was that Matt was always there making sure that everything was perfect and anytime I called Matt or Nancy they were always there to help. I think it’s important to say that we have also had a couple warranty issues but RCP has taken care of everything for us and that really means a lot to us. We are very happy and we would highly recommend Right Choice Pools & Spas.

-Federico G., Raton

I hired Matt again for the 2nd time mainly because I know that I can trust and count on the fact that Matt will do a great job. Plus Matt is always available whenever I call or text him. I bought an amazing new home with very old & outdated pool, spa & deck & RIGHT CHOICE POOLS DID A GREAT JOB! It was a big / large custom remodel and I knew that Matt and Nancy would do a good job and that’s exactly what they did and It looks really really great ! We are very happy and would highly recommend Matt and RCP. In fact they will be doing my next pool project too.

-Stephan M., Fl.

Ok – from the beginning of this new pool process, there are some bad reviews out there, but mostly about time. Let me just say it does take longer to build a pool than I thought, but not just for Matt, but for everyone, but It’s the end results that really matter. I sent Matt some photos to post of our gorgeous pool so everyone can see just how beautiful it is. It’s better than I even thought it would be !!!There were a couple of times that I wanted to change stuff but Nancy and Matt simply wouldn’t let me lol – I would have ruined this whole project if they had let me ! Nancy helped make great choices that gave me everything on my wish list. That’s a tall order cuz I’m very picky. I can’t thank them enough and that’s why I’m writing this candid review.

-Chris M., Lake Worth, Fl.

I purchased my pool from Matt Barrass & I have to say the only reason I did purchase from the company he worked for back then was Matt. His educational approach & the fact he was always there whenever I had a question or called him was refreshing, it’s so hard to find someone like Matt today. When I found out Matt was leaving the company I purchased my pool from I have to say I was scared. But Matt said “don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get everything you purchased & be there to help you in any way I can”… It was great to hear but even more impressive when he actually followed through on his promise…. I would not recommend the pool company Matt worked for at the time but I would say if you’re building a pool, YOU HAVE TO CALL MATT & HAVE HIM BUILD YOUR NEW POOL…. The Customer Service is off the charts


My wife & I are from New York & when we came to Florida one of the negatives for us was that it was very hard to find reliable contractors that showed up & who also didn’t try to sell you something you really didn’t need or want. So when it came to remodeling our swimming pool, we waited a while to get it done. I was referred to Matt Barrass & Right Choice Pools & boy were we glad. Not only did Matt show up on time but he didn’t try all of those used car salesmen tactics that so many contractors especially pool contractors use. Matt proposed to us exactly what we needed & they did an amazing job. The supervision on the job was daily & the job site clean-up was unreal. My wife & I would tell you you’re crazy if you don’t hire Matt & Right Choice Pools.


I purchased my new custom pool from Matt Barrass as well as designed my pool with Matt when he was with another pool company, the design & the layout was amazing, Matt put a lot of time & thought behind my pool design. But even more amazing was even when Matt left that company, he was always there for us to answer any questions & believe me once Matt left there were a lot of questions. Matt even stopped by to check on the project a few times for us. I’ve been a business owner for a long time & I have never seen or heard of service like that. To find someone like Matt who follows through on his promises & is always is there is really what South Florida needs a whole lot more of… My wife & I where so happy when we found out Matt & Nancy were finally opening up their very own Pool Company, we would so highly recommend them to build your new pool…


OMG, Matt / Right Choice Pools remodeled my pool & pool deck for me & it came out better than I could have ever imagined. The price wasn’t the cheapest or the most expensive either but I have been burned in the past by going with the lowest price, so I promised myself never again would I go with the low bid. I have to tell you that the job quality, the quick time frame, the clean-up & end result by RCP was incredible, it was worth every penny. I also want to mention that Matt worked with me in my payments & he held my last 2 draw checks for 60 days when no other pool contractor would. I so HIGHLY recommend Matt & Right Choice Pools. I really believe that not using RCP would be a big mistake


After getting the 2 other bids for our new pool besides the proposal from Right Choice Pools, we called Matt to take him up on his “PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE” offer & see if he would meet with us to go over all 3 bids side by side & review them all line by line. When Matt did the comparison we were shocked about how many differences that he found from RCP to the other 2 bids. & I mean money related differences. So hands down, we went with Right Choice Pools. Then once the project started, we were even more blown away!!! Because Matt said the pool would take 8 to 10 weeks so when the pool was 95% completed in only 4 weeks & finished in 6 weeks, we just couldn’t believe it & the pool came out looking so great. The experience was the complete opposite of everything we had heard about the pool industry. We would so highly recommend Matt at RIGHT CHOICE POOLS. Do yourself a huge favor & call Matt at RCP.


Matt Barrass designed an amazing pool for us a few years ago, when so many others pool companies said a pool in our back yard couldn’t be done because of the lack of room we had, it seemed like no one wanted to be bothered. But not Matt he did it & our pool is so beautiful & it really has changed our lives with all the great parties & family get togethers we have. & throughout the entire process Matt was there to answer any questions & to help move things along in a timely fashion. & Matt always answered his phone, even on the weekends…. I am so glad that Matt has finally opened his own pool business…. I would highly recommend Matt Barrass… he does everything he says he will do & then some….

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