One thing we tell our customers is to have a wishlist. We don’t want you to just have a swimming pool. We want you to have your dream pool. If you have already seen pools or features that you like, it would be great to jot them all down on a list and we can review at our meeting.
An educated consumer is a happy consumer. It is good to do some preliminary research on the types of pools. Some are made of concrete, others may be fiberglass, and others vinyl. There are also various cleaning systems, filtering systems, artistic features, and more. Remember, we will do an awesome job educating you, but feel free to do some research on your own. Unlike other pool companies, we encourage this.
There are many types of pool shapes and styles. There are infinity pools, kidney shaped swimming pools, custom designs, overflow pools, and the list goes on. Ultimately you need to select the pool that best suits your style of home and is also a great lifestyle fit. For example, rectangular pools is a more classic look, which can be great for swimming laps or playing games. The kidney shaped pools, otherwise known as free-form swimming pools have a more natural look and when surrounded by beautiful landscaping and vegetation, can give a great feel of paradise. One thing we will strive for at our meeting is to give you the pros & cons of each one so you can make the best decision.
Most people that are looking to buy a pool, have a vision in mind. For example, you may see yourself with a big family and kids playing everywhere. Or you may picture a quiet relaxing retreat just for you and your spouse. Perhaps, you see the pool as just part of an overall backyard entertaining area where there is a gazebo, outdoor kitchen, lounging furniture, etc… Our goal is to understand your vision and even provide you tips and options to enhance it. So, please arrive with some kind of vision. It will make the overall pool buying experience better.
Like any large purchase, it is important to have a budget in mind. This from the start helps us, as your pool builder, to provide the right pool type and features that will meet your vision but at the same time keep you within your budget. We want to help get you the pool that you want but keep it within your budget, so have this ready.
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